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I think I am finally on the track to bikini-dom, or at least tankini-dom, by this summer. Went to the gym THREE days in a row (a new post-baby record) and I have been making a valiant effort for healthy eating. I found out my mid-point weigh in/measurements for the challenge will be on February 27th…think skinny!


The Challenge

I don’t want to sound like a quitter, but juicing was not for me. Sure, the freshly squeezed orange juice and apple juice was delish, but the whole purpose of the juicing concept was to consume vegetables in a more digestible form – and I can’t drink cucumbers and carrots. It just wasn’t happening.

So I am going back to the basics: eating healthy and working out. Focusing on a plant-based diet with no more fast food and junk. Seems simple, right? We shall see.

I’ve joined my gym’s 12 week challenge to help stay motivated. Today I weighed in, got measured, took the “before” picture…it was a very humiliating but necessary process. I gained about 60 lbs. during my unsuccessful attempt to have a healthy, bouncing baby. I’ve lost about 25 lbs. since then, but this is not attributed towards me actually doing work but to an amazing little pill that compensates for my lack of thyroid hormone.

Behold, my “before” shot:


I’ll save you the monstrosity of my biggest loser-style post-baby bod. This is only operation face, after all.

12 weeks…if all goes well I will be happy to show you my slammin’ bikini ready abs in the spring. God speed…


So after a reluctant hiatus full of lots of fast food and denial, I am back on the health wagon. I am more determined that ever, along with half of the new years resolutioners. My current plan? Juice fast.

Both my husband and I are extremely impressionable when it comes to Netflix documentaries. This evening, we watched “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” a film about an Australian guy who was fed up with being overweight and medicated, so he went on a 60 day vegetable and fruit juice fast. Have you seen the movie “Supersize Me?” It was basically the opposite.

Anyway, we figured why the hell not.


Now I realistically do not plan to only drink juice for 60 days. Perhaps if I was making money off of a documentary I would be more motivated, but my will power sucks and I don’t want to set my standards too high. The plan is – try to go 7 days. This fast will serve as a detox to get rid of the Chick-fil-a, Chinese food guilt/gut I am carrying. If nothing else, I will be increasing the nutrients in my daily diet and become overall more healthy because of it. Either way, it’s a winner.

Operation: Face

This seems silly.

I’ve never really been one to blog as I tend only use the internet as a late night vent box. However, I am hoping my sudden passion for documenting my current ‘life journey’ will continue and I won’t abandon the concept. Also, my hope is that by blogging about operation: face, I will hold myself more accountable for bettering my physique. 

So, Operation Face. It’s something cheesy I thought of when driving home from a photo shoot at work. Just a gimmick to trick myself into accomplishing something I so desperately need to do – get my face back.



My face resting on my beautiful husband’s shoulder on the best day of my life -12/13/08


My face next to hubby’s at a Caps game – 4/25/11


Now, the above picture is April. My face has actually gotten rounder and I’ve added another half chin since then, but you won’t be seeing a more recent picture, they have all been deleted or hidden away.

I’ve never been a skinny girl and my weight has always fluctuated. I’ve been a size 8 (for a brief time during my psycho must-fit-into-my-wedding-dress day) but I’m most comfortable as a size 12. I’m currently still wearing maternity pants, so I couldn’t even tell you what size I am up to now. And for the most part, I don’t really care what size I am so long as I look attractive. However, if faces had sizes, mine would need a pair of stretchy yoga pants.

Here are the things I have going against me that makes losing weight such a challenge. I gained a lot of weight the last months of my pregnancy. I had a rough delivery and my body currently hates me for it. Recently, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism which means my metabolism is pretty darn awful. I’ve been taking, what I previously referred to as “miracle pills,” for almost two months, and while my thyroid levels have evened out I still have not lost a pound. Some miracle.

Fact is: I need motivation. Hence, Operation Face. This will be where I will force myself to report to myself (and whoever the hell cares to read) about my progress. I used to be able to only kind of try to lose weight and it would just happen. Now, I need to try harder than ever. It’s been nine months since I gave birth and lost my son. Time to stop hating myself and do something to make my life better. Easier said than done, but my hope is this time, it’s for real.